ErgoDox build complete

Tags: ergodox, build, custom, keyboard

It has been a couple of weeks and I have the keyboard built. I will not go through process of building it as there is a very good official guide detailing everything you would need to know.

I have really enjoyed building the keyboard and did not make too many mistakes. Some of the acrylic pieces did break because I was just too persuasive and I also had to resolder the LEDs on the right side as I got confused between the sides of the PCB. But I got it there in the end.

I would like to think that I have a decent typing speed on a standard keyboard without looking at the keys, however I am strugling to achieve any decent speed on the new keyboard. I definatelly need more time than 3 hours, so time will tell. Maybe I need to spend some time building some new layers and seeing if that helps me out. 

Here are some pictures of the keyboard.

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