ErgoDox keyboard build

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I am starting my blog with a build of a keyboard that I've discovered. I've been looking around various subreddits on reddit when I came across the r/mechanicalkeyboards which lead to the discovery off the ErgoDox project.

I've always wanted a nice looking keyboard. My first purchase was a Logitech lx710 keyboard with a mouse. Then followed, the Logitech k750 solar keyboard, which unfortunately had a taste of some carbonated drinks and gave up on me. 

Since then, I've been utilising standard wired USB keyboards as well as a Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth keyboard which I like, but it's a bit slow to wake up.

Having done some research into the ErgoDox project and getting the sense of the community, I decided to give it ago. Whilst I'm aware it will not be a cheap project inset myself a budget off £250. Yeah, I know that's a lot for a keyboard and even Massdrop group buys work to about $250. But it's a learning curve and I did not want to wait for the Massdrop bulk buys. So how hard can it be? Specially when all of the info is online.

Today, the main PCB and MX Brown switches have arrived from Falbatech in Poland - woohoo!! Having also visited my local makerspace, I managed to get some acrylic parts casing cut out. The cutouts look very nice. Edges have a great finish - the makerspace guys look after the laser cutter very well.

So, waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive and the build will commence.


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